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Everyone deserves a cool work place!

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You'll get this with your eNPS trial:

  • eNPS feedback tracking tool. Ask all employees. The survey is 100% anonymous
  • A PDF guide with seven ways to make your colleagues love you instantly
  • Our Culture Book as a PDF. Learn how Relationwise changed its work culture and got more loyal employees
  • A free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our eNPS experts to review your employee feedback

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"The way you treat your employees the way they will treat your customers."
Richard Branson

Do you know how much employee satisfaction affects your business?

Studies have shown that an increase in employee loyalty results in an increase in revenue.

One company even experienced this astonishing increase: 2% Increased employee loyalty = 2.5% Increased customer loyalty = 6.5% Increased revenue (!)*

Are you losing out on revenue because you’re not putting enough focus on the flagbearers of your brand? Your employees represent you and the way you treat themis the way they treat your customers. This affects your entire business.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

*CBS study

All you need to create cool work place!

The eNPS tracking tool

  • Get anonymous feedback from your employees

  • Benchmark departments

  • Choose between three different survey and email designs.

  • Learn how to get higher employee satisfaction

A PDF guide with tips for getting more engaged employees

  • Discover the importance of loyal employees

  • Learn how to improve your employee relations

  • Find out how to get satisfied employees

  • Get valuable advise you can start using today

The Relationwise Culture Book as a PDF

  • Get inspired to improve your work culture

  • Learn how to get more engaged employees

  • Get a thorough understanding of the NPS method

  • Discover how we maintain a good NPS and eNPS score

A free 30-minute phone consultation

  • A walk through your employee feedback with an eNPS expert

  • Discover the Relationwise dashboard

  • Learn what makes your employees satisfied

  • Get advice on how to improve from our eNPS expert

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