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The process is as simple as this:

  • Complete the form
  • One of our customer experience experts will contact you
  • You’ll experience the Customer Experience Platform and get answers on all your questions

This solution is for the smaller business with between 1-19 employees, who want more exciting features than our basic model.

In-depth questions

If the NPS® question is not enough you get the option of asking extra questions of your choice with this package. These extra questions can, for example, be used in the benchmark module. As a further example you can, if the question is whether the customer is male or female, see if your NPS® is gender dependent.
Set up of further 2 versions (Touchpoints, languages, emails, etc.)

If you need more than 1 touchpoint. Or if you need several languages or email versions then you are able to add these on. We will take care of any language version of your NPS-question.
Categorising cause and effect

What is the best way to understand the biggest issues that your customers face? When you follow up on your dissatisfied customers, you have a unique opportunity to clearly identify root causes. Their feedback is collected via predefined categories and can be presented in your monthly auto-generated report, for example, the top 3 problems your customers encounter.
Tailored reporting

We offer several other exciting report options. For example, get an autogenerated monthly report with exactly the information you need directly in your inbox.
€195 Monthly
(Price based on an annual contract)
Our customers normally pay for one year at a time. That is the easiest way for both parties, but should you wish to pay quarterly, or for 3 years, we can arrange alternative pricing models. Start-up and training from €3350

Includes a 90-minute workshop for the management team, integration of ERP/CRM, setup of users, setup of graphic design, establishment of workflow and Customer Care centre.
If you want a presentation, please contact us at or (+44) 8000488604

Date your customers

Customers are like a relationship. It can be bliss or hell. Get wise on your customers and keep them for life. Get a free trial today Free demo