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To get your Relationwise-TV up and running you will need the following in place:

  • A TV screen to display your dashboard on. There are no specific requirments for selecting a screen except that the it must be HD (has a resolution of 1080p) and that it has an HDMI port.
  • An ASUS Chromebox connected to the TV via HDMI cable. This is a mini-computer that will display the dashboard in a browser. In Denmark, you can purchase the Chromebox here.
  • A wireless mouse and keyboard. In Denmark, you can purchase the wireless mouse and keyboard here.
  • An HDMI cable. In Denmark, you can purchase the HDMI cable here.
  • An internet connection, either cable or wireless to the Chromebox.





  • 1. On starting the Chromebox sign-up or sign-in to a google account. Do not use the guest user.
  • 2. Start the Chrome browser and go to
  • 3. In google, search “chrome keep awake extension” and select the first hit “Keep Awake – Chrome Web Store – Google”.
  • 4. Click the “+ ADD TO CHROME” button to install.
  • 5. Up in the top right-hand corner toggle (click) the keep awake icon from night-time to sunshine. You can now be sure that your Chromebox will stay awake all day.
  • 6. In the browser address bar add the web address that was provided to you by Relationwise.
  • 7. From the Chrome browser menu, in the “Zoom” section, select full screen.
  • 8. Finally, check that your TV does NOT have an auto-off/sleep/power-saving function that might automatically turn off the TV.


Your Relationwise-TV is now live!