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Mobile solution for tracking customer loyalty
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Track Your Customer and Employee Feedback

One simple tool that enables you to achieve more engaged employees and loyal customers

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One question is all you need to drive your business forward

Pulse surveys on Autopilot

The Net Promoter Score Method is like the Formula One for businesses of how to measure and build great relations. It's a proven method, which has been used for more than 10 years by companies like Apple, LEGO and many more.
You will love it because it’s beautifully simple and you can get started in no time.

One cockpit for both your Customers and Colleagues

Easy reporting

Identify which customers and colleagues are at risk and which are for life.

Benchmark your organization

In the Benchmark module, you can view and compare for example departments, countries, shops, etc.

Make organisational pit stops, discuss feedback, repair, fine-tune - and reach your goals

Mission statement

Dear business leader,

Is your people really your number one priority? If not, it's time to wake up! If you don't have happy and engaged colleagues, they will simply turn their backs at you - and so will your customers.
The next generation of business leaders put people first!

Be part of a new and more fulfilling way of running your company. Let's break with the habits of how we do business.

The Relationwise Team

Why You Should Choose Relationwise

We practise what we preach

With a Net Promoter Score of , our customers love Relationwise. Should someone give us a low score, we follow up within 24 hours. We aren't satisfied until our customers give us a score of 9 or 10.

We're specialists

We're specialists within our field and work exclusively with Customer Experience Software and Net Promoter Scores. At Relationwise, we're continuously developing our technology, which always ensures access to the best solution.

We don't just sell software

We believe that we can all create better relations with our customers and colleagues. We want our books, campaigns and other initiatives to inspire you to create amazing relations for life.

Dashboard Video

Forget boring reports. Welcome to the Dashboard, where the newest information is always at hand.

Free Books and Magazine

Ideas on how to get happy customers and employees

A free guide to get more engaged employees, sent as a PDF.

36 pages that provide you with insight into the work culture at Relationwise, our values, management methods, a description of NPS described through the LEGO story, our team, events and more.
Send book to my inbox as a PDF

A free magazine about the customer experience, sent as a PDF.

64 pages that provide you with insights into how other businesses work with NPS, interviews with those in charge of NPS, case stories and much more.
Send magazine to my inbox as a PDF

A free book on how to market your business without advertising, sent as a PDF.

129 pages of travelogues and essays. Get insight into the importance of new marketing and learn how to create growth by marketing your business in a new way.
Send the book to my inbox as a PDF

A free book that provides you with tips on how to get customers for life, sent as a PDF.

120 pages on how to get customer ambassadors, change management, inspiration from other businesses, and much more.
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Monthly e-mail reports

NPS and eNPS

Get an overview of your customers and colleagues in one single report.


Where are you positioned compared to others? Aim for the top 10%.

Top 3 Problems

What are your top 3 problems based on comments from your dissatisfied customers?

Loyalty Drivers

What are your top 3 loyalty drivers based on comments from your satisfied customers?

Closing the loop

Have you contacted all dissatisfied customers, and how quickly? Get an overview here.


Get our recommendations on which activities to focus on to get a higher score.

Surveys in your own design

A Few Relationwise Users

Sasha Skydsgaard

Head of Marketing & Operations

Nanna Sverrild

Communication Advisor

Allan Toft Jensen

Vice President, Sales

Jacob Christiansen

Business Developer

Dorte Boe


Søren Skjelbo

Web Manager

Maja Læssøe

Senior Marketing Analyst

Lene Hvalsø

Marketing Consultant

Kenn Jørgensen

Area Sales Manager

Parlez-vous... Français? We Do!

Do you want to reach out to an international audience?
The system will automatically use the language your relations speak.

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Dashboards On Any Device
Also live on your TV!

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strong relations.

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Relationwise Features

Automatic NPS® surveys

We put your NPS® surveys on autopilot. Our solution will automatically send the survey to your customers based on parameters that we decide on together. Whether you wish to send the survey to 100 or 100,000 customers we can tailor a solution to suit your needs.

Graphic design included

When we ask your customers the question it will be sent to them as a link in an email. Our designer will set it up with your design, logo and email signature so your customers can see that the email is sent from you.

Leadership Dashboard

All your feedback will appear on your dashboard, which can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, PCs or a screen hanging in your office. You can also give specific employees or departments access to a dashboard that only shows feedback from their own customers.

Word count and categorising

Which words are the most popular amongst your ambassadors? Learn what drives their loyalty and find out what your customs want to talk about. You can also find out the reasons why some customers are dissatisfied.

In-depth questions

If the NPS® question is not enough you get the option of asking extra questions of your choice with this package. These extra questions can, for example, be used in the benchmark module. As a further example, if the question is whether the customer is male or female, you can see if your NPS® is gender dependent. Set

Set up of further versions (Touchpoints, languages, emails, etc.)

If you need more than 1 touchpoint. Or if you need several languages or email versions then you are able to add these on. We will take care of any language version of your NPS-question.

Telephone system for your NPS® question

Are you a B2B company and do you want to boost your response rate? Then we can give you access to our telephone system. The customers who don’t reply within, for example, a few weeks go straight into our telephone module and you can then call the customer and speak to them. If you want Relationwise to be responsible for calling we also offer a solution for this. We handle many different languages.

Categorising cause and effect

What is the best way to understand the biggest issues that your customers face? When you follow up on your dissatisfied customers, you have a unique opportunity to clearly identify root causes. Their feedback is collected via predefined categories and can be presented in your monthly auto-generated report, for example, the top 3 problems your customers encounter.

Tailored reporting

We offer several other exciting report options. For example, get an autogenerated monthly report with exactly the information you need directly in your inbox.


We provide amazing support. We strive to give more personal and swift support. The Relationwise Team is continuously discussing how we can do better. It's part of our DNA.


You don't have to do it all yourself - hire one of our trusted partners. Contact Relationwise Team for the best match.


We integrate to all the most common systems on the market such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. Our technical team or one of our partners can help with the integration, so your technical staff won’t have to. We also offer an open API for DIY users.

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