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The authors of the best submissions will be invited to take part in the Finals at Cass business school in London.
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- Trip to San Francisco.
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- Internship at Relationwise in London.

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We believe business is all about people – that’s why people are our number-one priority!

Happy customers stay for life, while unhappy customers leave without notice. This is a known fact in business. However, few people realise that the same is true for employees in companies around the world. The best and most effective way to hold on to valuable people in organisations is to make sure they're happy. After all, when your employees are happy, they won’t leave you.

Young up-and-coming business leaders are putting people first. Become part of a new way of doing business in which people come before margins.

YOU are the future. You can force the hand of destiny and change the way businesses operate today!

Relationwise is a Danish software company specialising in what we call 'Software for better relations'. Our mission is to make better relations between people everywhere. To do so, we turn high-tech into high-touch.

At Relationwise, we aim to influence the lives of 50,000,000 people. We work with small, medium and large companies to increase happiness all around.

Find out more about us at or read our manifesto at

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Anders Skjøt Kongsbak

Birthdate: 18th of Febuary, 1996
Nationality: Danish
Studies for: BSc (hons) Management
Professional title: Project Manager
LinkedIn: link

As a Cass student who also works in the world of real businesses, I find myself putting theory into practice each and every day. Sometimes, I even use what I learn in class in the morning at work in the afternoon – that’s exciting!

I wish everyone could experience the satisfaction of putting knowledge into action in the real world and seeing how industry and academia interact. There's definitely a lot of disagreement between the two, but understanding the theory enables me to process information and make decisions in a way I otherwise couldn't.

The truth is that entrepreneurs and innovators keep on proving that old-school methods become obsolete. Remember: the changes made in the real world today will be taught in schools and universities tomorrow. A future generation that understands how we solved the problems of yesterday will be well-equipped to develop new solutions for the problems of tomorrow.

In my opinion, the strongest tool in the armoury of a young academic determined to change the world of businesses is the knowledge that only an institution like Cass Business School can give you. Knowing the premises on which businesses operate will enable you to change business and ultimately influence millions of lives.