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Response rate


How can you boost your response rate?

Before I answer this question, it is a good idea to ask: Why is the response rate low?

It says a lot about your customers if you have a low response rate. It is often a symptom of something. I sometimes hear people say that it is because their customers do not want to fill in the survey due to lack of time.

I want to make a better analogy: If someone you don’t know calls you and wants to take 5 minutes of your time you probably don’t feel like you have the time for this. However, if a friend or relative calls you, then you will have plenty of time to listen and offer advice. The same goes for your customers. It is all about creating good and lasting relations.

We see that companies with a low NPS score – or said in another way; with bad relations with their customers also have a low response rate. This is why we in the long term need to build great relations in order to build a network of people who will want to help us.

It may of course take time, so what can be done here and now? Luckily we can simply pick up the phone and call the customer. With Relationwise you also get access to our phone module which is included in the price. This means that if some of your customers have not yet responded within a week or two they will be sent to our phone module. You then have the option of asking your secretary or someone else to call the customer and ask them if they would mind giving their feedback over the phone instead, seeing as they have not clicked on the survey that was sent to them a week earlier. Most customers will accept. Making calls is something that will really boost your response rate.

On the B2C market there is a larger volume so it doesn’t matter if we have a lower response rate there. You will still get enough responses. Especially on the B2B market we see a challenge because the customers can be very different and there are customers whom you simply have to get feedback from. This is what we call our A-customers and we need to ask ALL of them. This is where our phone module comes in as a very useful tool.

If you do not have the resources in your company to make these calls you can ask Relationwise to do it on your behalf. We have a UK based partner, who offers very reasonable prices for this service. They speak all languages, so if you need someone who speaks a language other than Danish, for example, Russian or Brazilian, they can provide you with this service.

We recently had a customer, who wanted a quote for 80 surveys. They wanted to send 20 surveys to 4 different countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Depending on the exchange rate the price came to around 1.300 Euros for 80 surveys. You can do this in many different ways. We also have another customer, who needs a minimum of 30 surveys a month and if you, for example, only have 17 responses Relationwise will then replenish the rest.

Is 1.300 Euros expensive or cheap for 80 surveys? If 5% of the respondents were dissatisfied, which in this case equals 4 companies and if you could save 2 of them then you would easily earn back the amount.