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What is your NPS compared to others’?

NPS is an international standard of measuring customer satisfaction. Big companies like Apple and LEGO use NPS, and I know that some of our customers like to compare themselves to Apple with its score of 72, for example. This gives you the opportunity to see if you can beat the score of a big company like LEGO with its score of 80.

However, it’s not necessary for you to get a score in the 70’s and 80’s in order to do well; a lower score is more than fine.

The phone company Call Me was one of our keynote speakers at our conference in November. They hold an NPS somewhere in the 50’s. As a matter of fact, they have the best score in the phone industry. My point is that sometimes you need to look at where you are positioned in comparison to others within your industry instead of the overall number.

I often see companies make the mistake of merely focussing on doing better than their competitors. When they’ve reached that goal, their only focus is staying in that position. For Call Me, that would mean staying in the 50’s. In reality, however, you either continue to develop or your development stops. It’s all about expanding your NPS. That’s why our motto is:

‘If you want to benchmark yourself against someone, you should benchmark against yourself’.

If you have an NPS of 40, you should transform it into index 100 and follow the development. As is the case with Call Me, they’re dissatisfied with their score in the 50’s even though it might be the best NPS score in their industry. I believe they were aiming for a score like Apple’s or LEGO’s, who they wanted to beat.

At Relationwise, we’ve developed a benchmarking tool with which you can compare yourself to other customers in our database. This has been a part of the report you’ve received once a month over the past 2 to 3 months.

The first thing you can see in this report is what your current NPS and eNPS are. This is followed by a comparison to the average score on our customer database.

You can see that a customer has received an NPS score of 83 and also that the average score of our customers is 49. Below, we have an Employee NPS (eNPS), and it’s remarkable to see that it’s considerably higher compared to eNPS, which is down to as low as 25.

I should mention that this is still a BETA version. eNPS was introduced this summer, so there is still only a limited number of customers using it. The more customers who use it, the more certain we can be of this number. We see a clear tendency towards the NPS being much higher than the eNPS. This also seems to be the case for companies. They all talk about focussing on the customer, and unfortunately, not are much about focussing on the employees.

This is what you can learn in this Webinar if you want to get a high NPS of 83. As in this case with this particular customer, it’s no good to have an eNPS of 25. NPS and eNPS are closely connected.

If you become one of our top 10 customers, you’ll get a small virtual trophy on your dashboard to remind you that you’ve done really well.

In connection with this I would like to draw your attention to our DMAV – The Most Recommended Business in Denmark. The winner will be named in November 2017. All of you who have called in are Relationwise customers measured by NPS and will therefore automatically be on the list. However, only the top 10 on the list will be nominated. When you’re nominated, you’ll need to take some further tests. As a minimum, we need to test your eNPS. There will also be self-assessments both on the customer side and the employee side. If you’re nominated, all of this will be sponsored by Relationwise.

Our highly qualified jury consists of Otto Zell, who has previously worked at Great Place to Work, and Jesper Krogh, who works for PA Consulting Group. Jesper Krogh has some of the most experience working with NPS in Denmark. Apart from the experience, this opportunity to become The Most Recommended Business in Denmark will provide your company with a small bonus to be placed high up on the NPS rankings list and hopefully become part of the top 10 companies.