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How to become a NPS super star

The concept Net Promoter Score are becoming more and more known. Not far out in the future the concept will be as normal as smoothies and spelt mothers. We are not only talking about the concept Net Promoter Score, but also concepts as NPS heroes and customer ambassadors and quickly amazing customer service has become more important than sales. Are you also one of them who can’t make head or tales of the NPS storm, and how customer ambassadors would help you to turn the ship around? Then read this small guide about how you become a NPS super star and collect an army of NPS heroes and customer ambassadors.

1. What is NPS?

To become a NPS super star, it is important to understand, what NPS is. Shortly, Net Promoter Score (NPS) is an international measurement scale that all companies are allowed to use. International companies such as Lego and Apple uses NPS successfully. NPS only contains one question, which makes it an easy survey solution with a high response rate.

Ready, set, go!

Next step is to get the NPS solution integrated in your organization. You can do that in different ways. When it is well integrated you are all set to go and ask your customers. The integration period it self is a lot about numbers, variables and design so I will not describe that in details in this guide.

Act teacher for a day

Now it is time to teach the whole organization what NPS is about and how important it is for the company to get customer ambassadors. It can take time to get everyone involved and understand the importance of NPS and customers ambassadors, but be patient, it will benefit you in the long run.

Why don’t you have a TV in the office?

You are not supposed to watch movies on it, but use it to show the whole organization the development in your NPS results. That way you will all keep the motivation to become NPS super stars.

Collect an army of NPS heroes and customer ambassadors

Now you can start thinking about how to get more NPS heroes and ambassadors. Get inspired by, Richard Branson the CEO of Virgin that designate NPS heroes among employees. The NPS heroes ‘status’ are given to employees that are doing exceptional customer service.

That way, you can start a positive circle, and you employees will become motivated and happy. As a result of that they converts more customers to ambassadors that will recommend your company to family and friends. Also it is always a good idea to give your employees motivational notes and stickers from time to time.

Wait, wait, wait…

You now have many customer ambassadors that are recommending your company to others – and you can all feel it! You are busy and enjoy the lovely positive feedback. And of course you remember to take good care of any negative feedback there might come, because unfortunately you can not avoid it, no matter how brilliant your company are.

Congratulations! You have now reached a NPS score on 50!

How do you get on from a very good score on 50? It requires a lot of work, and there is now easy way. You can compare it to a weight loss, you have lost 15 kilos and only need to get rid of the last 2 kilos, which often is a fight! The last part requires something extra, something different that stands out. Big international companies who have amazing customer view have success with the following:

  • Be inspired by cool business leaders as fx. Jørgen Vig from Lego. From time to time he spends time in the call center where he answer the phone and talks directly to his customers.
  • Do amazing customer service. Find inspiration here (article) – think our of the box and do something crazy! Let you employees know that it is okay to do something extraordinary.
  • Always remember to have focus on the customers, place small stuffed animals, notes or stickers around in the office and let it symbolize the customers. You will see them all the time and never forget that it is what it is all about – the customers!
  • Motivate your employees even more. Provide fantastic work environment. Be inspired by Flytour that have a big shark in the canteen, as a metaphor on the competitor or a big football, where all employees can write their goals for the year and be motivated by it everyday.

Five fat facts

– That is worth remembering from this guide.

  1. It is a good idea to learn about NPS – it can be the turn around for your company.
  2. When you are an expert (or pretend that you are) tell everyone about NPS – and get it integrated in your company.
  3. Teach your employees to be NPS experts and collect your army of NPS heroes and customer ambassadors.
  4. Get a NPS score on 50!
  5. Set as a target to beat Apple and Lego’s NPS score (Get tips on how to do so here) (Six things business leaders do) and (Service that will make you customers say wow)

Congratulation! You are now a well educated NPS super star!