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5 rules, your company should sail to a lonely island

…. And leave. Way too many companies are led by old, traditional and fiercely rules about what is okay to do and what is not. Companies are in general too controlled by money and KPI’s where they should be more focused on, how to stand out and provide an extraordinary service. KPI needs to be pushed of the throne and replaced by NPS. We need employees who dare to make mistakes and take chances – edgy employees and are different – in same way, as we need innovative companies who dare to stand out from the mass.

How do we get there? That is a good question. As a beginning, read this article, and then you know, what rules not to bring to the office.

1. To get the hell

You cannot make mistakes. If you make mistakes you will get fired or get the hell. What kind of mentality is that? Everyone make mistakes. If we are getting punished every time we make a mistake, then I personally would not be able to have a job. You make your company much more ineffective when convince your employees that they cannot make mistakes. Additionally the pressure will prevent your employees to take chances and be creative. In the end there will be consequences for your company. You will not have any one to think innovative and nobody would admit if they made a mistake. And just to be clear, you cannot avoid mistakes.

2. The turtle and the hare

Hug the world. Be open-minded to all the amazing possibilities the world has to offer you company. Many companies and workplaces are too rigid and narrow-minded. There have to be space to new and creative ideas. Does an unwritten rule exist, that says you cannot try too many new things? So much can happen, you can not be prepared for everything. Like everything else in life, so will not get anywhere if you do not try. There is also a risk that something goes wrong if you do not try to develop and grow as a company. You end up being the turtle that is being overtaken by the hare.

3. Sales vs. customer service

As said in the beginning and the article “Why your salesmen are not your best sales representatives” way too many companies only focus on sales. Sales is of course important for company to make ends meet, but the thought that sales is the most important thing needs to be changed. Customer service, which does that extra and stands out from other companies, will in the long run make your company more valuable. You need to collect customer ambassadors, who want to recommend your company to family and friends. That the best and most valuable marketing you can get.

4. The always disappointed and unsatisfied

If you follow this rule, and never get satisfied, then you will always beat yourself and your employees, because nothing is good enough. That is not the best approach. You should arrange a party or enjoy a night out with dinner when you have reached a goal! Reach for the stars, but remember to reward yourself and your employees on the way to the stars. As a result of small rewards you will get extended motivation and cudgels throughout the company.

5. The working zombie

You may know the feeling: It is 5pm and your working day is on the paper over. You have more to do, but your head is about to explode. None of your colleague’s leaves and of course no one wants to be the first to end their day and leaves as soon as the clock turns 5pm. At least you have to be at the office an hour more before you even can begin thinking about packing your bag and go home. Why is it like that? It is obvious that no days can end at 5pm, but is it not more about being effective and do what expected on normal working day from 8am – 5pm? Much research shows that you spend almost double as much time to do a task when you are tires and frustrated. Do not let yourself turn in to a working zombie. Get as much as possible done through out your day. Stay longer if needed. But remember you will not necessarily get anything useable done because you are at the office till 11pm.

What to bring back from the island:

  1. Your high spirits and your thankfulness about how far your company has come. Enjoy a small party and pat yourself on the back to celebrate your success.
  2. Amazing customer service. It is proven, that amazing customer service gives more customer ambassadors and a more successful company. Your new hobby is to collect customer ambassadors.
  3. Have a sense of when it is time to go home instead staying in the office as a zombie where you are not making any useable work.
  4. Be open-armed for new opportunities that may make your company grow, when it is time for it and take chances when there is a need for new challenges.
  5. Be patient and open to new ideas and inputs that make space for mistakes. In that way you will get employees that are more effective, creative and innovative.