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We create better relations

Relationwise was founded in Denmark in 2001, the same year in which it won a national entrepreneurial prize for “best business plan and concept”. Relationwise is featured in Børsen (the Danish equivalent to The Economist), and both small and large customers, such as Jysk, Nordea and Velux, have placed their trust in our capacity and experience.

Let’s redefine how we do business.

We tend to complicate our lives. Why not focus on what matters the most? Your customers and colleagues. It's all about people! There is only one boss, the customers, and they have the power to fire everybody. But you can't have happy customers without happy employees. Make your people your number one priority.
Relationwise has been featured in, for example




We are not just talking - we can also walk the talk.

Check out our Net Promoter Score® in real time.

Going to work should be great and I believe it will be great when we do something special for our customers. Satisfied customers are just for sissies! I hope that I can help set this agenda for companies.

I helped found Relationwise some years ago and today I am the CEO of the company.

J. Christian Andersen, CEO

I love working for Relationwise because what we're trying to achieve really matters. I'm a huge fan of personal development and especially meditation for becoming more self-aware. My sincere hope for the businesses that we work with is that they become more self-aware, more action-taking in the light of feedback and become more consistent in their strategy in order to create amazing change. It's a lot of fun to be part of that journey with our customers.

Steven Henrik Jensen, CTO

We made this short video at a team event. We believe it’s time for a lot of ”old school” companies to wake up!

Our manifesto

Go on a unique journey with J. Christian Andersen’s second book, Naked Marketing, and discover how to change your marketing practices to ensure you reach your customers. Get the book for free

Can you see in the dark?

Are you just guessing or do you really know how long your customers will stick with your business? Get the insight with Relationwise. Request a presentation